Fundamentals of Self -Assembly

By understanding hydrogen-bond-driven aggregation behaviour of discotic molecules in water and in organic media, we provide a bottom-up approach towards reversible, adaptive biomaterials and materials for opto-electronic applications.

Single Chain Polymeric Nanoparticles

By controlling the global conformation of a single polymer chains we direct the three-dimensional structure of nanometre-sized particles.

Green and Bio-Orthogonal Catalysis

By combining polymer chemistry, catalysis and self-assembly, we make water-compatible nano-compartmentalised structures that facilitate selective and efficient chemical conversions.

Dynamic Materials

We develop smart polymeric materials combining both dynamic non-covalent and dynamic covalent bonds, thus providing an additional and distinctive advantage for the development of smart polymeric materials that can be easily reshaped, reused, and broken down to the constituting parts.

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