Anjana Sathyan

Helix, STO 4.80

In 2018, I received my integrated BS-MS degree from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune. At IISER, I started my research career by working on the synthesis of H2S releasing pro-drugs under the supervision of Prof. Harinath Chakrapani. Later, I shifted my focus to development of sulfonamide based anion transporters for transmembrane chloride ion transport in the group of Prof. Pinaki Talukdar. I continued my master’s project in the same group for which I developed stimuli-responsive small molecule anion transporters across lipid bilayer. In 2019, I started my PhD in the group of Prof. Anja Palmans and I am currently working on developing single chain polymeric nanoparticles for bio-orthogonal catalysis. We aim to develop catalytically active SCPNs that can activate inactive pro-drugs to toxic anti-cancer drugs in complex media for its applications in cancer therapy limiting the side effects.

Green and Bio-Orthogonal Catalysis

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